“Our stories are something we spread around the world so we can connect with others.”

–Jalen Booker, senior, Amelia Academy


     Telling stories is part of daily human life. As social beings, we humans love a good story. It’s the way “we can connect with others,” as Jalen Booker, a member of the class of 2021, so aptly expressed.

      The Amelia Academy website  and social media platforms offer our school a forum for telling our stories and connecting with students and families everywhere, but particularly in our community. The stories at our school involve the wonder-filled process of helping our students grow and learn.

      On the pages of our website, look for the stories of our days at school. It is our hope that these moments that enrich our days will help us make new connections in the communities we serve.

      The past year has presented our school with various challenges as we work to fulfill our mission while protecting our people during a global pandemic. We have been fortunate to continue in-person learning with social distancing and mask requirements. The stress levels imposed by the pandemic have nevertheless affected each person and every family.

      We have persevered through selected class and individual quarantines with the inevitable virtual learning technology glitches. Our sports teams have adapted to new rules and empty arenas. As we move forward to the last thirty days of a unique school year, we are working to create meaningful experiences, especially for our senior class. These events will look a bit different, but we will carry on with the hope for a return to “normal” in the 2021-22 school year.