Summer is here. Students (and teachers) are elated, and parents are ambivalent if not apprehensive. Inevitably, the initial excitement will evolve into boredom at some point during the long, hot days of summer. But, that’s perhaps okay. We all need to “deal” with boredom at some point. And, during those hours of boredom, kids may learn some creativity and resiliency on their own. Summertime may be more important than we realize.

During the school year, students’ lives are structured and routine. There are tasks to accomplish and a schedule to follow. The teachers are in charge of the day. As much as students complain about this fact as tweens and teens, they nevertheless mostly thrive within the confines of a structured schedule. And, they achieve milestones in their education.

The great thing about summer is that kids of all ages can reflect on their own lives. Teachers have the same opportunity to allow time to consider what worked during the past year and potential new best practices. 

Maybe, it’s best not to fill all the days with activities and busyness. Summer can be an important time to allow for the boredom that might lead to new directions and greater achievement in the fall.