Amelia Educational Foundation Board Report 

October 2021

The Amelia Educational Foundation met on October 18, 2021 for their regularly scheduled monthly Board Meeting. 

Head of School Report

The Board heard an update from Rodney Taylor, Head of the School.  

Patriot Citizenship & Community Service 

Amelia Academy’s mission is to educate the whole student including, but not limited to, ethical, intellectual, and physical development. Our purpose is to develop in each student qualities of good character, leadership, scholarship, and service. Community service is a key attribute that we are developing in the students Amelia Academy.  Each graduate is required to have at least forty hours of community service.  We are currently looking for additional opportunities for our students to volunteer in the community.  Please contact Mr. Taylor if you know of any organizations that have volunteer opportunities for our students in Amelia.  

Experiential Learning 

The Lower School hosted a Mobile Dairy Classroom, an innovative program that brings the dairy experience directly to children. The instructor demonstrated how to milk a cow, described how milk goes from the farm to the consumer, and then answered questions from the students. The outdoor classroom experience included math, science, health (nutrition), and agriculture.  At the conclusion of the experience each student was offered a 12-ounce Maola Milk and dairy educational materials.  The Amelia Monitor covered the event and featured our students in the October 28th edition.  Thank you to the Academy parents that helped organize this event for our lower school students.  

League of Parents and Teachers (LPT)

Thank you to Ashely Noel for accepting the leadership of the League of Parents and Teachers.  The LPT has done a wonderful job developing events for families and fundraising to support the school.  Please consider volunteering your time to support the school.  The next meeting is Monday, November 1st at 6:30 in the school cafeteria.  

Bash for Cash

The AA Bash for Cash Annual Fundraising event was held on Saturday, October 23rd at the Academy.  Thank you to everyone that supported the event through the purchase of a table, raffle tickets and auction items.   A special thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this event a success, we couldn’t do it without you! It is events like this that help the Academy reach their goals.  

The Carlisle School Scholarship Foundation

The Board wants to ensure that all students have an opportunity to attend the Academy.  In addition to the scholarships offered by our generous donors and alumni, we formed a partnership with the Carlisle Foundation to offer scholarships to students in need.  The Carlisle School Scholarship Foundation is part of the Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credits (EISTC) program established by the Virginia Department of Education. The program offers donors a 65 percent state tax credit on top of any applicable deductions for charitable giving on their tax returns. As an approved scholarship foundation, The Carlisle School Scholarship Foundation uses tax-credit-derived funds to offer scholarships to students who wish to attend private schools within the Commonwealth.  To learn more about the scholarship and donation program, click here:  

Executive Session

The Board discussed business matters in Executive Session that due to privacy concerns must remain confidential.

Important Dates

Nov. 3 & 4 Amelia Academy hosts the VCC Volleyball Tournament 
Nov. 4 & 5 Book Fair 
Nov. 5 LPT Stew & Bake Sale
Nov. 18 Cookie Dough Fundraiser Awards/Limo Rides 

Please be sure to review the website and GradeLink for updates and communications from the school.  The 2021-2022 School Year Calendar is here.