Each Lower School student at Amelia Academy was given a hat this week, a gift from Mrs. Cora Hughes, the school’s neighbor across the street. Mrs. Hughes crocheted the hats over the past few weeks, and she visited the school on Monday, Dec. 6, to give the students their hats. Each student recited a Bible verse for Mrs. Hughes after receiving his or her hat. 

Mrs. Hughes, a resident of Amelia for over 40 years, crochets eight hats per day. She said that she pictures a child’s face with every hat she makes. She added that “every stitch is made with love.” 

This fall, in addition to the more than 70 hats she made for AA students, Mrs. Hughes crocheted 400 hats for children in southwest Virginia and West Virginia. Local churches distributed the hats through the Hope for Appalachia program.