On Monday, September 12 Amelia Academy presented their Never Forget 9/11 remembrance program.
S.G.O President Avery Gough introduced Lt. Col. Michael Whitaker as the guest speaker. The Amelia
Academy Choir and elementary music students performed in honor of 2,977 lives lost on September 11,
2001. Pictured is Senior Avery Gough introducing Lt. Col. Michael Whitaker as the quest speaker.

Amelia Academy elementary students under leadership of music instructor Mrs. Jaime Llewellyn
performed “America the Beautiful” for the Never Forget program.

Amelia Veterans Mr. Wooten and Mr. Rowe from VFW 8759 along with Mr. Jack Vaughan appreciate the

SGO officers Avery Gough, Kyle Anderson, James Ramsey, Elizabeth Arbitelle and Isabella Arbitelle
helped plan the 9/11 program with the help of sponsor Mr. Jacob Draper.

Amelia Academy fourth graders Thomas Woolson, Nick Poulos and Avery Austin recite the Pledge of
Allegiance during the assembly.

Gabby Pemberton honors the flag during Amelia Academy’s Never Forget Program.

The Amelia Academy Choir performed during 9/11 remembrance program. Pictured left to right:
Mercedes Ramsey, Rebecca Arbitelle, Marlena Minton, Riley Stallings, Elizabeth Arbitelle, Mrs. Jaime
Llewellyn, instructor, Isabella Arbitelle, Emilynn Roberts, Genevieve Hayghe, Thomas Arbitelle, Abby
Duncan and Willow Meredith.