On Monday night the Amelia Academy varsity volleyball team hosted Grace Christian School.
Pictured is sophomore Isabella Arbitelle getting under the ball. The Patriots’ lost this contest.

Amelia Academy senior Breyana Ellitt returns the ball during the Patriots’ loss to Grace Christian on
Monday, October 3rd

Freshman Brooke Anderson bumps the ball for Amelia Academy Patriots when they hosted Grace
Christian on Monday.

Amanda Carwile spikes the ball for the Patriots during their loss to Grace Christian on Monday.

Amelia Academy freshman Riley Stallings returns the serve when the varsity volleyball team played
Grace Christian. The Patriots lost in 0-3.

Senior Rebecca Arbitelle warms up before the Patriots game with Grace Christian.

Junior Gracie Morris keeps her eye on the ball during Mondays’ match up with Grace Christian.

Amelia Academy junior Macey Atkins practices her serve before the Amelia Academy Patriots’ game
with Grace Christian.

The Amelia Academy middle school volleyball team faced the Kings from Grace Christian at home on
Monday night. Pictured is seventh grader Emilynn Roberts waiting for the ball. The Patriots’ were
defeated 0-2.

Sixth grader Willow Meredith prepares to serve for the Amelia Academy Patriots in their middle school
contest with Grace Christian on Monday.

Amelia Academy fifth grader Harper Garza waits for the serve during Monday’s home loss to Grace Christian.