On Friday night Amelia Academy hosted Brunswick Academy for four games of basketball.  In the opening game seventh grader Chloe White watches for the ball when the middle school Patriots lost to the Vikings.

Sixth grader Rylee Ramsey brings the ball down the court for the Patriots during Friday’s loss to Brunswick Academy.

In boy’s middle school action eighth grader Thomas Arbitelle drives to the basket during the Patriots’ 36 – 25 loss to Brunswick Academy.

The Amelia Academy Mascot Cheerleaders entertained the fans during Friday’s game with Brunswick Academy.  Pictured left to right – Jadzia Jones, Allison Pemberton, Gabby Pemberton, Elaina Stallings, Burkely Waldron, Claire White,Vera Covington and Mollie Mayo.


Amelia Academy junior Elizabeth Arbitelle takes a shot during the Varsity Lady Patriots 52 – 35 loss to Brunswick Academy.

Senior Barit McMillian concentrates on the rebound during Friday’s game with Brunswick Academy.

Freshman Molly Lane and sophomore Isabella Arbitelle wait for the rebound during the Patriots loss to Brunswick on Friday.


The Amelia Academy varsity basketball team hosted Brunswick Academy on Friday night.  Pictured is senior James Ramsey cutting to the ball during their 72 – 59 loss.

Senior Chase Dorton prepares to make a basket during the Patriots’ loss to Brunswick on Friday night.