The Amelia Academy LPT sponsored Grandparents Day this year after this much loved event had been canceled in recent years due to the pandemic. Grandparents were once again delighted to eat lunch with their grandchildren, enjoy musical entertainment by the music department under the guidance of Mrs. Jamie Llewellyn and if the wished they could have photographs taken. Pictured is Mrs. Harriet Noel enjoying a photograph with her grandsons Brantley and Jackson.


 The Amelia Academy second and third grade classes performed for their grandparents during Grandparents’ Day under the direction of Mrs. Jamie Llewellyn.  Pictured left to right: Abby Chandler, Allison Pemberton, Jordy Washington, Colette Hayghe, Baylor Garza, Tohrin Spivey, Gunner-Lee Smith, Kaydence Crowder, Laurel Garza, Emma Miracle, Audrey Poulos and  Mollie Mayo. 



Fifth grade students at Amelia  Academy show off their musical talents on the flute during Grandparents’ Day.  Left to right:  Sammy Mayo, Aiden Flippin, Jackson Squires, Connor Lane, Carter Bullock and Jazz Bullock.



The Amelia Academy choir performed during Grandparents’ Day under the leadership of Mrs. Jamie Llewellyn.  Left to right:  Morgan Dix, Elizabeth Arbitelle, Marley Minton, Rebecca  Arbitelle, Willow Meredith, Abby Duncan, Riley Stallings, Genevieve Hayghe, Isabella Arbitelle, Mercedes Ramsey,  Emilynn Roberts and Thomas Arbitelle.


 Mrs.Susan Groux and Mrs. Connie Pemberton enjoy lunch with their grandchildren: Sydney Pemberton, Gabby Pemberton, Allison Pemberton, Connor Lane and Molly Lane.


Amelia Academy kindergarten student Kaylee Perkins enjoys a moment with her grandmother Mrs. Carol Chambers.