On Friday, April 21st Amelia Academy juniors presented the junior-senior prom “Mid-Summer’s Night”.
The Amelia Academy gym was decorated with stars, flowers, arbors, a green house and a full moon.
Pictured are juniors Amanda Carwile, Nick Flippin, Kyle Anderson, Gracie Morris, Troy Hill, Elizabeth
Arbitelle and Mikayla Anderson showing off the greenhouse they built for the prom.

Amelia Academy seniors pose for a photograph during their Jr-Sr prom held on April 21st. Pictured left to
right: Summer Whitaker, Breyana Ellett, Rebecca Arbitelle, Barat McMillian, Emma Humphrey, Avery
Gough, Cam Morris, Chase Dorton, Layne Ratliff and James Ramsey.

Amelia Senior Layne Ratliff arrives at the Prom with date Alana Parks in a carriage pulled by two white
horses during Amelia Academy’s Jr-Sr. Prom.

Amelia Academy senior Avery Gough and date Brianna Wells stop for pictures after arriving at the prom
in a helicopter.

Amelia Academy juniors Troy Hill, Gracie Morris and Kyle Anderson enjoy prom night at Amelia

Senior James Ramsey and date Macy Barnard enjoy the first dance of the Jr-Sr Prom “Mid Summer’s

Senior Barit McMillian shares a picture with sister Molly McMillian and junior Elizabeth Arbitelle during
the prom.

Seniors and their dates assemble for the senior figure to begin the 2023 Amelia Academy Prom. Pictured
left to right: Rebecca Arbitelle, Thomas Arbitelle, Leslie Manes, Chase Dorton, Breyana Ellett, Billy
Conti, Madison Borum, Cam Morris, Alana Parks and Layne Ratliffe.