Amelia Academy held their annual 9/11 Never Forget Program on Monday, September 11,2023.  This project was sponsored by the SGO.  Students placed flags down on the school’s front lawn in remembrance of those who lost their lives on that fateful day.  SGO president, Kyle Anderson and vice president Gracie Morris related faculty stories from that day 22 years ago. Faculty member, Mrs Arbitelle began the program with a word of prayer.  The lower school student and school’s choir under the direction of music teacher Mrs. Jaime Llewellyn entertained the students, faculty and guest with songs appropriate for this occasion.  High school students displayed a 30 by 60 foot flag donated by Woodman Life. Dr. Wyatt was the guest speaker.    Pictured are seniors Kyle Anderson and Gracie Morris leading the program.

Veterans and guests honor the flag during Amelia Academy’s Never Forget Program.

The Amelia Academy Chorus performed for the Never Forget Program.

Amelia Academy second graders Avery Williams, Levi Ramsey and Kaylee Bullock recite the Pledge of Allegiance during the Never Forget Program.