“When you worry about your future, you can’t focus on the joy that you have in your life
right now,” said Amanda Carwile in her Chapel Talk, delivered on February 20, 2024.
She highlighted the impact that Amelia Academy has had in her life and paid tribute to
the friends and family who have helped her “focus on the joy.”
Amanda admitted that she has worried about her future at times. Some aspects
of life are beyond our control, she said. “However,” she said, “I can control my point of
view, attitude, and effort.”
She has also formed friendships with people who bring joy to her life. “These are
the people who make you forget about any problems you may have,” she said. Three of
those friends are AA junior Macy Barnard, fellow senior Gracie Morris, and AA alumnus
Madison Borum. Throughout the years since pre-kindergarten, she has shared good
times with these friends.
Another mainstay of Amanda’s life are her teachers at Amelia Academy.
“All of the students at the Academy care about us. We are not just students; they
want to know us and how we learn,” she said. Amanda highlighted several
teachers, including Jennifer Hayghe and Cindy Ison, whose classes were
enjoyable and prepared her for pursuing a degree in nursing.
Sports, especially volleyball, have “been a big part of my life at the
Academy,” Amanda said. She has enjoyed playing volleyball and gave credit to
Coach Jordan Morris for “[bringing] back my love for volleyball.” Even though
their teams have suffered many losses on the court and softball field, she values
the time spent playing and the friendships enriched.
Amanda paid tribute to her family, especially her parents and
grandparents, for their role in her education. “One person, in particular, was my
grandfather,” she said. “He always told my brother and me to finish school no
matter what because it was something he had regretted not doing.” As she
approached her senior year, Amanda said her grandfather was “excited to see
me graduate; however, he passed away two days before the start of senior year.”
She spent the summer with him as Hospice nurses provided care for him.
“Seeing the comfort and care they provided him was another big factor in my
decision to become a nurse,” she said.
Amanda expressed appreciation to the Academy for giving her the
opportunity to learn and grow over the past fourteen years. “I am thankful for
everything I’ve learned and the teams I’ve played on, whether we lost or had the
occasional win,” she said. As she looks to the future, Amanda said she will not
worry about what she cannot control. Instead, she will find joy in focusing on her
“point of view, attitude, and effort,” all of which she can control.
Attending her Chapel Talk were Amanda’s parents, Teresa and Michael
Carwile. Other family members in attendance were her grandmothers, Mavis
Carwile and Norma Featherston. Also present were friends, Stephanie and Mark
Borum, and their daughter Madison, along with Paula and Timmy Langford.