Patience can be difficult to achieve, especially for young people looking forward to
growing up. In her Chapel Talk, delivered on March 13, AA Senior Gracie Morris spoke
about her experience of learning patience. “I’ve started to really value time and patience
as it gets closer to graduation,” she said. As her senior year has progressed, Gracie
also said that her perspective has changed. “God’s timing is so precious,” she said,
emphasizing the importance of taking “advantage of the little things He lets us
experience in our lifetimes.”
Gracie attended the Academy for pre-K and Kindergarten. It would be ten years
before she returned. “Over my short years of attending the Academy, I formed
friendships with the best people,” she said. These relationships helped Gracie learn to
value her experience rather than focusing on the end goal. “Cherish the things God has
put in front of you in the moment,” she said, “You’ll be surprised how your perspective
Even though she looks forward to her future, Gracie said she will miss her alma
mater and the friendships that will never be the same. She will not have the good times
with friends Amanda [Carwile], Brooke [Anderson], and Macy [Barnard] talking for
hours, either before or after games. She and Kyle [Anderson] won’t talk for hours after a
game or practice. “After we go our separate ways, the [times] we could never stop
talking about random things will turn into a simple ‘Hey, how are you’ and some small
talk after accidentally running into each other at Food Lion,” she said.
Gracie will take with her lessons learned from teachers at Amelia Academy. “Mr.
Cooper is one of those teachers,” she said. “Thanks to Mr. Cooper, I found my passion
for art and photography again.” From the long-time art and shop teacher, Gracie learned
to “always feel confident in my work.”
Playing sports has also brought amazing experiences and life lessons. From
Coach Jordan Morris, her volleyball coach, Gracie renewed her love for the sport. “I
couldn’t have asked for a better coach to guide me,” she said.
Mrs. Arbitelle is another teacher who has impacted her life beyond the academic
lessons. “She has taught me to be a respectful, modest young lady and never let
anyone take me for granted,” she said. Expressing her appreciation, Gracie added that
Mrs. Aribtelle is “one of the strongest women I know, alongside my Mother, of course.”
Gracie paid a special tribute to her Mom. “Seeing her work so hard just to
support her kids is what motivates me to go to college and become the best I can be for
my future self,” she said. Gracie expressed her love and admiration for her Mom, her
“true hero and biggest role model.”
Other people in her life have also provided a support network for Gracie. “These
people have welcomed me into their families as if I were their own, and I will be forever
grateful to them,” she said.
Quoting Ecclesiastes 3:1, Gracie said, “There is a time for everything, and a
season for every activity under the heavens.” She advised her fellow students to “realize
that you are where you are meant to be. God’s timing is perfect. Be patient,” she said.
Gracie’s mother Lori Cook-Williams and her stepfather Terry Williams were in
attendance for her Chapel Talk. Also present were family friends, including Angie and
Sam Arrington, Belinda and Jason Farnham, Nicky Lowman, Jordan Morris, and Ella