Amelia Academy introduces learning in an environment full of warmth, friendliness, enjoyment, interest, challenge and education. The pre-kindergarten program was established to provide four-year-olds with an introduction to school life. Students become adjusted to the length of the school day with the overall objective of developing a positive attitude toward school and education.

Each child receives individual attention focusing on his or her own rate of achievement. Cooperation, sharing, self-control and respect for others and their belongings are stressed during group and class discussions, free play and recess. Phonics, counting, history, science, art and music are integrated into the program, introducing the preschoolers to new ideas while having fun. Through phonetic awareness, the children learn to read three-letter words along with some sight words. This process, in turn, allows them to begin reading short sentences.

The class visits the library and receives computer and music instruction. The importance of responsibility is stressed in all activities throughout the year. A well-equipped playground provides opportunity for physical activities, and the gymnasium is available on rainy or colder days. Field trips to a pumpkin farm, theatre or the Children’s Museum are likely possibilities during the school year. The children also receive visits from the Sheriff’s office, Smokey the Bear, firemen and dentists, to name a few.
Pre-kindergarten students are taught the fundamentals for success to prepare them for the years to come.